Teachers rate girls less good than boys at mathematics in the US… | Portsmouth High School

Teachers rate girls less good than boys at mathematics in the US…

Research in the US has found that teachers rate girls less good than boys at mathematics despite having similar levels of performance. Apparently this underrating of girls gets worse as they get older and is attributed to the fact that staff in general have lower expectations of girls.

Another factor for this bias is credited to the behaviour of boys which is characterised as being noisier and they are much more likely to shout out the answer.  Higher maturity levels of girls means that they realise that shouting out the answer is unacceptable and loud.  Girls recognise this behaviour as immature – they know, for example, that people do not shout out in meetings.  Girls naturally tend to think about their response first and are less instantaneous giving a much more measured answer.  This can be to the detriment of girls in that they stop taking risks which inhibits their learning.

All the more reason to educate girls in a single sex environment where such gender judgement is not a feature.  Girls are not overpowered by immature boys wanting to be the class clown and show off.  By the time they reach university both girls and boys have grown up and university style teaching is either in a large lecture (where the audience listens) or small tutorial and our girls are prepared well for both at PHS. The style of teaching in our Sixth Form leads to group discussion which is possible in the size of set. Teachers act as facilitators steering the debate and most importantly allowing questions to be asked.

Teachers rate girls less than boys in mathematics in the US