The concept of truth in the modern world | Portsmouth High School

The concept of truth in the modern world

The Netflix series The Crown has faced criticism for their portrayal of current episodes with some maintaining that events have been twisted in the telling so that anyone watching will believe the Netflix version rather than the truth.

This has made me ponder the concept of truth. Historians search for this utopia examining sources of evidence and geographers use what is witnessed now to explain, for example, the formation of landforms. We teach children to always tell the truth but their version is told from their viewpoint and therefore may have some assumptions and interpretations. The Panorama programme of spaghetti growing on trees, broadcast as an April Fool’s joke, tricked many which today seems impossible to believe. Propaganda has been the stuff of politicians and the media for as long as we have written records – Octavian used a campaign of disinformation to assist his victory over Marc Antony. In schools it is important that we encourage children to think about what they are being told and enable them to decipher fact from fiction especially as there are so many spoof accounts on the internet. We must allow our young people to analyse and decide for themselves what they believe to form their own opinions.