The teaching profession gives immense satisfaction | Portsmouth High School Headmistress Jane Prescott praises pupils, staff and parents for the smooth return to school this week

The teaching profession gives immense satisfaction

It is testament to our pupils that the return to school happened so smoothly and there was something poignant about our first day coinciding with International Women’s Day too.

I am truly grateful for all the support shown from staff, parents and our children to enable such a smooth transition from guided home learning to being in school. From my office window I witness hand washing and mask wearing taken very seriously. I hope that through following the guidelines schools are able to remain open with no more closures. We are looking forward to a time when we can socialise and invite guests back onto our premises and host events.

I read an article titled “Covid changes we should consider keeping” and whilst I didn’t agree with all the points raised I do hope hand hygiene is top of the list as it will cut down the transmission of infection. Certainly snow days take on a new meaning as lessons will continue but online. Parents evenings seem to be successful too virtually and certainly training and meetings are possible without being face to face. Teachers have always had respect but there is a new level now parents have either been helping their children and realising it is not that easy or witnessing the staff teaching. Being a teacher is a vocation and requires dedication and skill. I am proud that two of my children chose to enter the profession because they too enjoy being in the classroom and they saw what immense satisfaction I gained from my work. We are fortunate at PHS to have talented and committed staff – teaching and support and in times of a crisis you see their true mettle and worth. Thank you to all who have emailed me in praise of our staff.