Tips for getting a job in 2020 | Portsmouth High School

Tips for getting a job in 2020

Last week Portsmouth High School hosted another successful careers’ evening attended by a record number of girls.

Mrs Sammy Davies puts in a tremendous amount of hard work to make an event of such value and many of the stands are manned by parents covering a wide range of careers which adds a real family feel and I am truly grateful that they give their time so willingly.

Not only does Mrs Davies organise this superb evening she also advises the girls on applying for courses and jobs and arranges interview practice. In the Times last Wednesday was an article entitled “How to get a job in 2020: application and interview tips”. It reinforced much of the content of Mrs Davies’ lessons and contained pragmatic advice. There is too much for me to repeat here but I do want to highlight one point; “if you have a comedy email address you set up when you were 14, this might be the time to get a new one”. I once rejected a candidate not just because their email address was too risqué for me to reprint here but it did contribute to my overall negative impression. Their application did not progress far. All too often a covering letter is spoiled by poor grammar, common spelling mistakes and quite simply by starting with Hi and not Dear. Add to that an inappropriate email address and whatever the experience or qualifications the applicant hits the reject pile. At school I was taught you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The girls are fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a superb careers’ evening but also to receive sensible advice from their careers’ lessons and staff. They know how to write letters of application relevant to the job description and moreover have suitable email addresses.