Welcome Back | Portsmouth High SchoolWelcome Service

Welcome Back

I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable holiday with a chance to spend some time out in the glorious weather.

The week started with a senior welcome service in the Cathedral during which the Head Girl, Rachel, spoke of her visit during the summer holidays to a rural school in South Africa with which PHS has a connection. I know that the PHS girls made an impact upon the school and their input is valued. Miss Davies, Mrs Kopitsa and Mr Simpson also helped with training for staff, which was appreciated. Mrs Price in her address during the service questioned our “being” rather than our “doing” which gave us all much to think about for the term ahead.

At the first assembly I paid tribute to Aretha Franklin and her contribution to the women’s movement and Tom Cruise for taking on such daredevil stunts in his latest film and, despite breaking his ankle, his resilience to carry on. I talked about pupils having respect for each other and themselves and when it seems like the mission is impossible just remember that it is possible to face all challenges with determination to succeed.

The girls have arrived back at school with energy and vigour. It is good to see them eager to get back into the routine of school.