When the going gets tough... | Portsmouth High School

When the going gets tough…

If there is anything good to come out of this virus it is the fact that we have all learned new skills and new ways of working.

Perhaps even more important is the fact the girls have experienced home working and how to be part of a conference call with all the etiquette that goes with this way of connecting. They know to mute when they are not speaking to reduce background noise and how to blur their background so that their home privacy is kept. They have learned that home working requires you to follow a timetable and get up and dressed to work properly.  Perhaps this has taught them that they would like to work with other people and lone working from home is not for them or maybe the opposite that the solitude of being able to get on undisturbed with tasks suits them.

I am proud of how our pupils have responded to the crisis – they know this situation is serious and they must do what they can to stay learning and focussed even if this is not their preferred way of working. I thank the parents for all the messages of support which means much to us all and for supporting their daughters.  Our staff have risen to meet the challenge across our whole school from minibus drivers to admin staff and teachers.

As they say “when the going gets tough the tough get going” and we have showed that in bucket loads this week and going forward at PHS. May you all stay well and have a relaxing staycation at home this Easter holiday.