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Independent Schools Inspectorate Reports

Portsmouth High School GDST was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in March 2018 for regulatory compliance and met all the required standards. There was a full inspection in April 2015 and Portsmouth High School GDST was judged ‘excellent’ in all categories.

ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) visited Portsmouth High School GDST in March 2018 to conduct a Regulatory Compliance Inspection.

We are delighted to announce the school was judged as compliant in all areas. The report in full can be seen below.

ISI Regulatory Compliance Report on Portsmouth High School GDST March 2018

ISI Integrated Inspection

The ISI inspection team visited Portsmouth High School GDST in April 2015.

The school was praised as being highly successful in providing an excellent education and to be fully meeting its aims to encourage the academic and personal success of pupils in a positive and supportive environment.

Inspectors recognised the excellence of the teaching across the school with teachers noted as being well qualified with high levels of subject knowledge. Extra-curricular provision was found to be excellent with a wealth of opportunities designed to capture the interest of every pupil.

The school is delighted inspectors praised the effective pastoral structures and close lines of communication in the school which enable pupils throughout to feel known and supported at all stages of their school lives. Furthermore, inspectors recognised the personalised flexible approach of the school as a hallmark in every area of the curriculum organisation from Early Years to the Sixth Form.

Parent survey responses at every level of the school reported an extremely high level of satisfaction for the care shown for pupils, the curricular and extra-curricular provision, the high expectations of pupil behaviour and the leadership and management of the school.

Portsmouth High School is delighted to share the full inspection report below.

ISI Report on Portsmouth High School GDST 2015

Alternatively you can visit the ISI website here.