Where girls learn without limits - Portsmouth High School

Where girls learn without limits

Portsmouth High School is part of the Girls’ Day School Trust providing the very best in teaching and pastoral care.

Our teachers have unrivalled expertise in teaching girls – pupils are encouraged to speak up and question in a culture which empowers girls to take the initiative and develop their intellectual curiosity.

Our learning environment is ideal for girls being free from gender stereotyping so pupils are just as likely to choose sciences and mathematics as arts based subjects.

We provide outstanding opportunities for leadership – from house captains to drama club leaders, from prefects to cyber ambassadors; girls naturally learn to lead.

Girls’ only schools tend to dominate the exam league tables and Portsmouth High School is no exception. Examination results in 2020 were unprecedented due to the Coronavirus pandemic and were based on teacher assessed grades (CAGs). On examinations results day our girls celebrated their success, the culmination of many months of hard work and remaining resilient under difficult circumstances.

At A Level girls achieved excellent results and all went on to secure a place at their university of choice including Cambridge, Bristol, Exeter and Staffordshire.

Our school is a vibrant and thriving environment for creative arts and music. A year round calendar of drama productions and art exhibitions showcase the girls’ creative talents whilst ensembles, orchestras and choirs cater for all levels of musical talent.

Sports are high on the agenda – whether elite or beginner, girls participate in all sports to compete, develop team skills, leadership and resilience, as well as to improve their personal physical fitness.

Our Prep School is set in wonderful grounds with plenty of space for the girls to run and play. The outdoor classroom is an exciting place for our youngest pupils to learn and explore.

Our girls benefit from a huge array of over 50 co-curricular clubs ranging from astronomy to knitting and debating to trampolining and there is always something new to try.

The GDST is a unique family of schools and alumnae providing unrivalled opportunities for career mentoring and contact with successful former students.

Our girls are happy, healthy, confident and balanced giving them an unparalleled preparation for life.